Hi, I am Tanel Pärnamaa. You can contact me at tanel.parnamaa [at] gmail.com.

Back in December 2021, I wanted to get a quick overview of top NeurIPS 2021 papers. I am a fan of arxiv-sanity, especially the image thumbnail feature. It helps to get a quick overview of whether a paper includes nice graphs that summarize the work or convey the intuition of the proposed approach. So I created an arxiv-sanity-like view of all the 2334 papers, and ordered them by rating. It included links to code, tldr sections, and additional meta-data available at OpenReview.

This is now extended to other ML conferences available at OpenReview, i.e. ICLR.

If you want to see such overviews for other conferences, let me know or create a pull request at GitHub.